About Felicia Ceske

I’m a Band Booster mom, and I’m writing this blog as a way to decompress after my days in the trenches. It’s either this or taking someone’s head off, and the nice band-booster mom is not supposed to do that.
Brace yourself, because I may say a few things that aren’t very nice. I mean, I do this volunteer position because I care about the kids and the program and I really do want to help. There’s not enough funding for the public schools to pay for an assistant to the band director, and he’s simply got too much to do. So if I can help him out and free him to do what he’s supposed to do, then the kids—specifically mine—will be the beneficiaries.
So that’s why I volunteer in this capacity. I could quit, and there are days when I’m ready to, but then the poor band director would have that much more to do, and all the kids—including mine—would pay the price.
Therefore, as long as I have the time and energy to volunteer, I’ll do it, and I’ll just vent quietly on the side on this blog.
If it offends you, hell, don’t read it.
Felicia, The Band Mom