The Joys of Fundraisers

Today all the items from the cheesecake fundraiser came in. I’m so glad this was my second year of staffing the distribution day.

I remember last year was just chaotic. It was the first year for us to have this particular fundraiser, so there was a lot to figure out in terms of smoothly distributing the stuff to the kids. The fact that most of it was frozen or refrigerated added to the complexity.

This year we decided that we’d collect all items for the big orders ahead of time, and put them to the side. And then with the smaller orders, the kids would come through the line, show us their orders, and the volunteers would then go get the items, give them to the kids, and check the items off the kids’ order forms.

It worked very smoothly for most of the kids. Where things got sticky was towards the end of the distribution, when stuff started running out. Then we had kids show us orders for items that we had run out of but were still supposed to have.

Oh, my gosh. What a hassle. It involved checking the other orders that had already been filled and looking for mistakes, and also just carefully looking at the original order again and making sure we were trotting off to collect the right item. Half the time the volunteer had read the order form wrong and went and got the wrong thing.

Last year, when people got their orders from this fundraiser, they were all pleased with what they got. So this year, the kids sold a LOT. I’m thrilled for them, because 40% of the sale amount goes back into their pocket. And with the price tags on this stuff, the kids with a bunch of orders are going to do really well.

I bet some kids will pay for their whole band trip with this one fundraiser.

Anyway, so that stressful event is done. I’m really glad. There’s one mom who is almost militant about her daughter, and she comes to every event and dispenses her militant attitude out on everyone. She must have come out of a pretty tough situation, because that woman is hard as nails.

She usually has something to complain and moan about. She was there today, fussing that we weren’t fulfilling the orders faster. Dang, woman, I wanted to say. We are just volunteers and we are going as freaking fast as we can. Butt out or help! No, actually, just butt out, because I don’t think we could STAND your help.

Of course I didn’t say any of that. I just wanted to.

Anyway, my feet are killing me, but I’m happy that fundraiser is done for another year.

For next year I am thinking about trying to do everything online. I talked to a company that told me they are really good at building temporary sites for fundraisers for a reasonable price. I thought it would make sense for people to pre-order the things that we intend to sell during the fundraiser. You can see their site here. Pretty nice people.

Click here.

Just want to give a huge shout out to everyone that helped in the fundraiser and made all this possible. Without the help of so many it would have been impossible.

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