Off to New York: Woodwind Delight

I’m very excited. I just got word that all my hard work has paid off, and the school district has approved the request for funds that I submitted, and Jason’s woodwind quintet is going to New York!

The quintet has come so far this year. The kids have developed into really good musicians, and they play very well together. It’s been fun to see them performing at different events.

It was only about six weeks ago that Watson brought up the idea of the kids going to New York for the woodwind camp. At first I blew off the idea, but when he said he thought the district might cough up the money, I got interested. It would be such a cool opportunity for the kids! Imagine, a week in New York at a camp dedicated to woodwind quintets like theirs!

The first thing I did (after talking again with Watson) was to ask each of the other kids’ parents if their own child could even go—money aside. The last thing I wanted to do was submit a request for funds and then discover one of the kids couldn’t even go. All the parents said yes, so I went ahead and got the paperwork and filled it out.

Watson took care of actually submitting it.

And then we just waited. We’ve been waiting for a month, but the news just came today, that the request was approved. Actually, I can hardly believe it! What a great thing! And what a great opportunity for the kids!

It’s very cool when you work hard to pull something off, and it actually happens.

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